93.1 CFIS-FM Schedule - Starting April 2, 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 AM Music & the Spoken Word Community Radio Morning Community Radio Morning
(Eric Bennett)
Community Radio Morning
7:00 AM Songs From the Chapel (Corey Walker)
8:00 AM Let the Bible Speak
Abounding Grace
9:00 AM Community Radio Sunday After Nine
(Allan Wishart)
After Nine
(Kathi Travers)
After Nine
(Allan Wishart)
After Nine
(Kathi Travers)
After Nine
(Allan Wishart)
53 North with Pat Bell
Community Radio
(Annie K)
10:00 AM Community Radio
(Allan Wishart)
Community Radio
Mid-day (Annie K)
Radio Roundtable
(Allan Wishart)
11:00 AM Community Radio
Mid-day (Annie K)
Noon Sentimental Journey
(Loran Fevens)
1:00 PM Health First
(Kathy Hart)
Senior Moments
(Bob & Sharon)
Homegrown Light
(The Wolfman)
ColdSnap Radio
(Scott Taylor)
2:00 PM On With the Show (The Wolfman) Community Radio Drive
(Aussie Stephen)
Community Radio Drive Community Radio Drive
(Jimmy James)
Blues Underground (Earl Krushelnicki)
3:00 PM Classical Afternoons
(Braden Alexander)
4:00 PM Cam's Greaser Garage (Camshaft McLeod)
5:00 PM Back Porch Pickin'
(Corey Walker)
The Coffee House
(Eric Bennett)
6:00 PM This Is Australia (Aussie Stephen) Full Spectrum
(Doc Apollo)
Country Cavalcade (Corey Walker) Fiddlefest (A.J.) Before the Beatles
(Bob d'Auray)
Friday Night Lights
(sports talk show)
Community Radio
Saturday Night
(Bob d'Auray)
7:00 PM 53 North with Pat Bell
Half-hour NCRA show
8:00 PM ColdSnap Radio
Old Parlour Radio
(Loran Fevens)
Mike's Retro Block (Mike Meier) Planetary Radio JazzCafe
(Michael Kast)
9:00 PM Lamplighter Theatre Laugh Lounge Homegrown
(The Wolfman)
Coming Soon
(Garrett Perry)
Modern Jazz Today
(Kari Gaffney &
Jeff Williams)
All Over the Map (Jimmy James)
Abounding Grace Cheeze Pleeze
10:00 PM Radio Roundtable (rebroadcast) Jazz Boulevard Radio
(Moz Taylor)
Health First (rebroadcast) Senior Moments (rebroadcast) Canadian Gumbo
(Earl Krushelnicki)
11:00 PM Halifax Is Burning
(Trevor Murphy)
Celt In a Twist
(Patricia Fraser)
World Beat Canada
(Cal Koat)
Amplified Radio
(Barry Rooke)
Ear Candy!
(Mark O'Connor)
RIP Radio
(Brian & Wayne)
Midnight     Best Of British
(Matt Graveling)