93.1 CFIS-FM Schedule - February 1, 2018
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 AM Music & the Spoken Word Community Radio Morning Community Radio Morning
(Eric Bennett)
Community Radio Morning
7:00 AM Songs From the Chapel (Corey Walker)
8:00 AM Let the Bible Speak
Abounding Grace
9:00 AM Community Radio Sunday After Nine
(Allan Wishart)
After Nine
(Kathi Travers)
After Nine After Nine
(Kathi Travers)
After Nine
(Allan Wishart)
53 North with Pat Bell
Dollars & Sense
10:00 AM Community Radio
Community Radio
Mid-day (Allan Wishart)
11:00 AM
Noon Sentimental Journey
(Loran Fevens)
1:00 PM Health First
(Kathy Hart)
Senior Moments
(Bob & Sharon)
Homegrown Light
(The Wolfman)
ColdSnap Radio
(Scott Taylor)
2:00 PM On With the Show (The Wolfman) Community Radio Drive
(Aussie Stephen)
Community Radio Drive
(Jimmy James)
Blues Roadhouse
(Michael Kast)
3:00 PM Classical Afternoons
(Braden Alexander)
4:00 PM Cam's Greaser Garage (Camshaft McLeod)
5:00 PM Back Porch Pickin'
(Corey Walker)
The Coffee House
(Eric Bennett)
6:00 PM This Is Australia (Aussie Stephen) Full Spectrum
(Doc Apollo)
Country Cavalcade (Corey Walker) Fiddlefest (A.J.) Sports Talk Show Before the Beatles
(Bob d'Auray)
(Michael Kast)
7:00 PM 53 North with Pat Bell Celt In a Twist
(Patricia Fraser)
Dollars & Sense
8:00 PM ColdSnap Radio
Old Parlour Radio
(Corey Walker)
Mike's Retro Block (Mike Meier) Planetary Radio Coming Soon Canadian Gumbo
(Allan Wishart)
World Beat Canada
(Cal Koat)
9:00 PM Lamplighter Theatre RVF Homegrown
(The Wolfman)
Folk Roots Radio
(Jan Hall)
RIP Radio
(Brian & Wayne)
All Over the Map (Jimmy James)
Abounding Grace Cheeze Pleeze
10:00 PM After Nine
(Friday rebroadcast)
After Nine
After Nine
After Nine
After Nine
Ear Candy!
(Mark O'Connor)
11:00 PM Amplified Radio
(Barry Rooke)
Back Porch Bluegrass
(Paul Tenwith)
Health First (rebroadcast) Senior Moments (rebroadcast) Indie Beat
(Mae Wandinger)
Jazz Boulevard Radio
(Moz Taylor)
Modern Jazz Today
(Kari Gaffney &
Jeff Williams)
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